Looking for replacement panels and/or floor under-structure for your Computer Floor System? Pro Access Floors can identify your existing Computer Floor and in most cases provide you with both new and pre-owned solutions. Once we identify your system and requirement Pro Access will provide you with a Sample Panel to allow you to confirm the the fit and color of the panel before shipping your complete order. Please see examples and instructions for required photos and HPL thickness listed below. Once your photos and measurement ready to go head over to our Computer Floor Replacement Panel Request. Strapped for time? Send us a few pictures and we will take it from there.

PHOTOS - Access Flooring Panel and Under-Structure Photos:

1. Top

2. Bottom

3. Side

4. Corner

5. Floor Finish

6. Pedestal & Stringer
HPL and Panel Thickness:

MEASURING THE HPL THICKNESS on your raised computer floor panel is best accomplished with a cut solid panel. The HPL sheet is usually adhered to the steel panel surface with a black or brown cork like backing. We need the total measurement of both the HPL Sheet and the backing. If a tape measure is not handy, a nickel can assist in measuring. If the HPL sheet is equal to the thickness of (1) nickel it is 1/16" and a thickness equal to (2) nickels is 1/8". Providing Pro Access with a clear and close up photo with a tape measure or ruler reference can also assist us in identifying the HPL thickness.

Once we identify your panel type and measurements, Pro Access will provide you with a sample raised computer floor panel to allow you to confirm the fit and color before shipping your complete order.

**** Pro Access requires a minimum order of 25 panels (1 Pallet)

Thank you for your interest in Pro Access Floors Raised Computer Flooring Replacement Panel Services!