Pro Access Floors Wood Core Computer Floors are constructed of a heavy duty composite wood core encased in galvanized formed steel. These panels provide Class "A" flame spreading rating, along with excellent durability, rigidity, and acoustic performance. The Wood Core Sytem offers a 1,000 lbs staic and up to a 4,000 lbs ultimate load rating.


Wood Core Computer Floors meet the needs of a wide range of applications from data centers, general purpose office, server / telecommunication rooms, mission critical facilities, and assembly areas.

Floor Finishes

Wood Core Raised Computer Floors Floor Systems are available in High Pressure Laminate, Vinyl, and bare steel painted finish that is designed for carpet or rubber installations.

Floor Under Structure

Wood Core Computer Floors under-structure is constructed of a heavy duty Zinc plated galvanized steel and available in Bolted Stringer, Stringerless Drop and Lock, and Stringerless Corner Lock which can accommodate floor heights as low as 3" and as high as 36".

Bolted Stringer

Stringerless Drop and Lock

Stringerless Corner Lock

Airflow Panels

Wood Core Computer Floors offer Airflow Panels ranging from 25% airflow to 66% airflow.

55% and 66% High Output Air-Grate

25% Standard Airflow Panel

Load Rating Table

Rolling Load
Panel (lbs) (lbs) (lbs) (lbs/ft2) 10 Pass
10k Pass
1000 1000 2400 275 7.4 1000 700
1250 1250 2900 300 7.6 1250 875
1500 1500 4000 400 8.3 1500 1050